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A day in my Life

Often we feel like our best is not enough. But what is enough? Have you reflected on your best self and your worst self? What does this look like for you?

If you are creating a day to be your best self, what do you need and want in your day?

As I walk through my day certain things make it feel complete. Having a routine helps me get off to a good start! The smell of fresh coffee brewing is something that brings me joy first thing in the morning, and my puppy often joins me for some morning cuddles as I enjoy my cup of coffee. I then eat breakfast, shower, and get ready. If I am working outside of the home, I will drive my youngest daughter to school and then head to a local coffee shop to set up my "office".

I find nutrition coaching is a flexible job where I can accommodate my clients by meeting them in a central location as they travel to work or also take their kids to school. On nice days we will often "walk and talk" for our consultations. There are many beautiful trails near the mountains and rivers where I live which makes this a great option. Some days I pack food with me or else will buy a healthy lunch, depending on how long my work day is. I always prepare meals and have a daily meal plan of what to eat and what I will be cooking for dinner.

I always look forward to spending time with my three girls. Sometimes they help me cook dinner and come along for walks in the evening with our dog. We each talk about our day and some evenings we end the day with a hot tub and look at the stars. 

In the evening, I make a cup of herbal tea and read before bed. I also look forward to connecting with my parents and siblings. One of my favourite moments - is hearing from my partner at the end of each day. His job takes him out of town so I only get to see him about 10 days out of the month right now. 

You can see that I highly value family and client connections. Exercise is also very important for me. I love to spend time outside walking in nature as well, all these things make up the perfect day for me.

What do you value? Where do you like to spend your time?

Health & Happiness,

Leah Hemstreet

Inspired Changes in Health and Wellness

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