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Leah’s Healthy Plan

My Style of Teaching Health and Fitness!

I teach my clients how to achieve a healthy life by creating their own "Personal Lifestyle”. I don't believe in dieting, over-exercising and being obsessed over losing weight. I feel when you get into this state you become unhappy, unhealthy, irritated and overly emotional. 

I've spent 30 years teaching a wide variety of clients how to become healthy and it wasn't through counting macros, cutting all carbs, loading up on only protein and going crazy on exercising. Fad diets are ways to create stress, not fix it!

My way is to start by removing one unhealthy habit you want to change and replacing it with a healthier new habit.

My motto: "When it makes sense to YOU, it works”. Be aligned with the steps you are taking...if you don't believe in what you're doing you won’t be successful!

Be willing to learn about yourself from the inside out, I believe it's the only way to find a healthy new you. This takes willpower, patience, time and the energy to love yourself enough to make yourself a priority.

Start by setting time aside to prepare healthy meals. Nutrition is 80% of the change to a healthier lifestyle. Then add in 30-60 minutes of exercise you enjoy, aiming for 5 hours total per week. It’s important to balance your life by creating space to schedule some fun too! 

Once you've made the time for yourself you will find happiness and the result is a newer, leaner you. Your body will naturally shed off unwanted pounds and the heaviness you've been packing around will disappear. Not only through weight loss but also your whole outlook will feel lighter. 

It doesn't mean that there won't be challenging moments - it means you've committed yourself to keep going until you've got a solid foundation that works for you and your lifestyle in the long run!

When I work with you, I promise my commitment to you and I will stand by you every step of the way.

My goal is to “Inspire” healthy changes in you!

This program is a great way to measure your relationship with food! It's a great kickstart toward a healthier lifestyle!

Leah's 30-Day Healthy Eating Challenge

This program is great for creating a solid foundation to live a healthier lifestyle!

I hold you accountable daily!

Yours Truly in health and wellness,

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